Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Rockhopper Exploration plc Operational and Corporate Update, Abu Sennan, Egypt (RKH 22% working interest - ROCKHOPPER EXPLORATION PLC

7 February 2017

The work programme and budget for the Abu Sennan Concession sees the imminent drilling of both an exploration and a development well close to the Al Jahraa and Al Jahraa SE fields (over which a new development lease was awarded in Q4 2016) during the first half of 2017.

The exploration well, Al Jahraa-SE2, which is due to spud in March 2017, will target the AR-C reservoir in the fault block immediately to the south of the Al Jahraa SE field.
On completion of the exploration well, the rig will move directly to Al Jahraa-9, which is a development well expected to spud in May 2017. This development well targets the AR-C reservoir at a location deeper than the current deepest oil penetration at Al Jahraa-4 (no oil water contact has yet been encountered in the field) thereby aiming to prove additional reserves. The well also seeks to demonstrate the connection between the Al Jahraa and Al Jahraa SE fields through the oil leg. In addition, the operator has proposed two work-over operations during Q2 2017.

The outcome of operations in H1 2017 on the Abu Sennan Concession will determine the activities during the second half of the year.

In addition, the Company notes the recent announcement by Kuwait Energy in relation to the farm-out of a 25% interest in the Abu Sennan Concession. The Company has confirmed to Kuwait Energy that it waives its right of pre-emption in relation to this transaction. Whilst the details of Kuwait Energy's proposed farm-out are confidential they nonetheless re-enforce the attractive terms on which Rockhopper entered the Abu Sennan Concession last year.

In addition to the year-end cash position, Rockhopper's Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) receivable balance as at 31 December was approximately $4 million.
2017 development, exploration and abandonment spend is expected to be approximately $13 million, of which $8 million relates to pre-development activities on Sea Lion, $3 million to exploration and development activities in Egypt and $2 million to abandonment costs.