Friday, June 16, 2017

Total to drill in Cyprus now services base ready - INTERFAX

The services base in Limassol, Cyprus, is ready for Total to use
16 June 2017
Verity Ratcliffe

Total’s services base in Limassol is ready for use, meaning the French major can now start exploring Block 11 offshore Cyprus. EDT Offshore, which won the contract to set up the onshore facility, expects to officially hand over the completed works on Friday. Total will be able to start work within weeks, EDT Offshore Operations Manager Mike Socratous told Interfax Natural Gas Daily.

Total’s plan to explore Block 11 has faced many hurdles [as] the government faced public opposition when it tried to build a services hub at Larnaca, forcing a relocation to Limassol.

Total signed a contract with EDT for its base in Limassol in October 2016, but the contract was immediately contested by two companies that hold contracts to operate the port.