Thursday, July 13, 2017

Turkey ‘to take measures’ against Cypriot exploration - IN CYPRUS / CYPRUS WEEKLY

July 13, 2017

Turkey will take measures against Greek Cypriot exploration for oil or gas around Cyprus, Turkey’s foreign minister said on Thursday, adding that Turkish Cypriots had rights on those reserves.

Turkey’s energy and foreign ministries are working together to plan steps against the Greek side’s “unilateral” steps, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said, adding that sending a drilling vessel showed Greek side’s “insincerity” about reunification talks that failed last week.

TEKMOR Monitor View: We accurately predicted the failure of the recent UN talks on the Cyprus-Turkey conflict the day they were announced. The fact is that Turkey has no rights in Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot minority, that Turkey uses as a pretext, indeed has rights but only via the Republic of Cyprus which Turkey does not recognize and Turkish Cypriots abandoned. There is very little that Turkey can do against Cyprus, a geostrategically important and potentially hydrocarbon-rich EU member. Checkmate. Well done Cyprus.