Monday, February 20, 2017

Turkey to become natural gas hub, says former Gazprom executive - DAILY SABAH


TurkStream necessary for region's natural gas supply

[Alex] Barnes said that Turkey, receiving natural gas from different sources such as Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan, would become a regional hub by putting the necessary rules into practice.

"Natural gas, which will pass through TurkStream, will be needed by Europe since the U.K. and the Netherlands are slowing their natural gas production. In addition, Europe should also increase its use of gas to reduce coal use. If they want to buy Russian gas via Turkey, they will pay and receive it," said Barnes, as he evaluated the second pipeline in the TurkStream natural gas pipeline project.

Turkish natural gas market important for Russia
Professor at Oxford Energy Institute's Gas Research Department, Jonathan Stern, said that the Turkish natural gas market is of extreme importance for Russia and other countries in the region. He added that, "Political developments that Turkey will have with its neighboring countries were of great importance in terms of regional natural gas development."

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey's natural gas consumption on Feb. 14 was about 243 million cubic meters, the highest ever. Turkey's previous natural gas consumption record was 235 million cubic meters on Jan. 25 and Jan. 26, 2016.