Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Condor Petroleum provides operations update on Poyraz Ridge gas field in Turkey - HYDROCARBONS TECHNOLOGY

Apr 25, 2017

Condor Petroleum has announced that construction of the Poyraz Ridge 15 million square cubic feet a day (mmscfd) gas processing facility in Turkey is proceeding to schedule, with the first gas being targeted mid-year.

In an operations update, the company also stated that all major gas processing equipment has been installed and the remaining components will arrive in the next few weeks.

Installations of the inter-field gas gathering lines and electrical power lines have been completed at the facility.

Pipe for the 6in gas sales line has been delivered and the pipeline construction is expected to commence by the end of April.

Completion and testing activities have recently been conducted on the Poyraz West 1 and Poyraz 5 wells.

At Poyraz West 1, the Sogucak carbonate reservoir tested at a stabilised rate of 2mmscfd, while the Lower Gazhanedere sandstone reservoir indicated a stabilised rate of 500mmscfd.

At Poyraz 5, a Gazhanedere interval indicated a stabilised rate of 500mmscfd.

A second Gazhanedere interval was tested, which indicated no inflow of gas or condensate despite having effective mud gas responses and reservoir parameters on wireline logs. This interval will be considered for workover activities in the future.

A third test in the Sogucak interval did not produce a flow of hydrocarbons. However, water was recovered during swabbing operations, likely through an open, near-vertical fault in the zone.

The service rig is mobilising to the Poyraz 3 location and will begin re-testing various intervals with the paraffin inhibition equipment.

Poyraz 3 was tested in the first quarter of this year and the gas flow was restricted by paraffin build-up, limiting the well’s ability to provide stabilised measurements.

A drilling rig is mobilising to the Poyraz West 4 location and is expected to commence operations by the end of April.

Poyraz West 4, a development well with a 500m lateral section in the Gazhanedere, is expected to be drilled and completed prior to first gas.

The Yakamoz 1 exploration prospect is situated 2km north of the Poyraz Ridge field and slated to be drilled once the current Poyraz Ridge development drilling programme is completed.

As per the existing seismic data and well results from Poyraz Ridge, the Yakamoz prospect could be more highly fractured and gas rich than the reservoirs encountered at Poyraz Ridge.

Headquartered in Canada, Condor Petroleum is engaged in oil and gas production, development and exploration. It is focused on the Eastern Mediterranean, European and Central Asia regions.