Monday, May 8, 2017

Jordan refiner lets contract for facility upgrade - OIL GAS JOURNAL / HYDROCARBON PROCESSING

HOUSTON, 05/08/2017
By OGJ editors

Jordan Petroleum Refinery Co. Ltd. (JPRC), the sole refining company of Jordan, has let a contract to Honeywell UOP to facilitate a $1.6-billion expansion of its refinery at Zarqa, 35 km east of Amman.

The expansion will increase the capacity of the facility to 120,000 b/d and will allow JPRC to upgrade the quality of its product to meet Euro-V emissions specifications.

JPRC Chief Executive Officer Abdul Karim Alaween said the upgrade is vital as it “will help us meet the rising demand for fuel, which is growing at an average of 3% every year.”
As part of the project, which is the fourth such expansion of the JPRC facility, Honeywell UOP will provide managing licensor services, technology licensing, front-end engineering design consultancy services, and basic engineering design. It also will provide catalysts and process equipment and training and start-up services.

Technologies provided by Honeywell UOP will include crude and vacuum distillation units—designed by Houston-based Process Consulting Services, Inc.—for distilling crude oil into various fractions. Honeywell UOP also will provide Unicracking and hydrotreating units to create clean distillate, as well as CCR Platforming, Penex, MinAlk, Merox and Selectfining units for producing cleaner-burning high-octane motor fuels, and a Polybed PSA unit for purifying hydrogen.

The Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company, Ltd. (JPRC) is the sole oil refining company of Jordan, publicly traded on the Amman Stock Exchange, with headquarters in the capital of Amman, and a refinery in Zarqa, 35 km east of Amman. The company manufactures a variety of fuels and refinery derivatives, and wholly owns a subsidiary oil marketing company. Moreover, JPRC operates a lube oil blending facility, three LPG bottling stations and LPG storage facilities in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid. The company also owns and operates an oil terminal and storage facilities in the port city of Aqaba.