Sunday, February 26, 2017

Video: EGYPS coverage, interview with CEO of ENI - DMC TV CHANNEL / EGYPS

Osama Kamal interviews Claudio Descalzi (approx. 9 minutes, @57:50), CEO of ENI at the recent (14-16 Ferbruary 2017) Egypt Petroleum Show EGYPS 2017. Among other interesting things Descalzi says he expects the Zohr farm-out deal with Rosneft to be finalised by end of March 2017. Both BP (10%, signed) and Rosneft (30%) have an option by end of 2017 to increase their share in Zohr's Shoruk block by an additional 5%, which would leave Shorouk's owners as follows: 50% ENI, Rosneft 40%, BP 10%.