Thursday, April 6, 2017

SCPX pipeline network on track for completion next year - UPSTREAM ONLINE

6 Apr 2017 09:47 GMT
Kama Mustafayeva

The Azeri and Georgian pipeline network that will feed Shah Deniz gas to the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (Tanap) is likely to be completed next summer, writes Kama Mustafayeva.

The pipeline, known as SCPX, will be ready to receive production from Shah Deniz 2 in late June next year, according to Tanap managing director Saltuk Duzyol. "We plan to make our first gas delivery at the end of June 2018 if everything goes according to schedule. We are keeping costs relatively low," Duzyol said.

About 77% of the so-called "phase zero" of Tanap , which runs from the Turkish-Georgian border to Eskisehir has already been completed.

The company will focus on the construction of the compressor stations during the summer months and by the end of the year will start commissioning the pipeline.

While SCPX and Tanap are on schedule, there might be some delay to the last section of the Southern gas corridor — the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP).

"We think that there may be some delay with Tap, but it is not clear yet," Duzyol said.

"We will get ready to provide gas to Europe by mid-2019. However, it's hard to say when the gas will actually be delivered to Europe," he added.

TAP is scheduled to deliver Caspian gas to the European Union in early 2020.